About 911 Outfitters, LLC

911 Outfitters, LLC. offers many services, among them are the sale, installation and servicing of Emergency Warning Systems. What is an "Emergency Warning System"? An Emergency Warning System or "EWS" for short is comprised of the Auditory (sirens) and Visual (lights) Warning devices installed on a vehicle to identify it as an emergency vehicle to ensure that traffic knows they are there.

We offer single items to complete build outs for all emergency vehicles- police, fire, EMS, DOT, etc.offer single items to complete set ups for any emergency vehicle
At 911 Outfitters, LLC., we ensure that the customer has a full understanding of what our products are, how they work and how we can design an integrated package to work for them. We take your idea and bring it to life in a cost effective manner. If you want a certain light or siren, we will certainly offer you a package with those items, but we will also show you cost effective alternatives.

EVERY aspect of how the vehicle will be used must be considered when selecting your package and every answer will directly affect the type of equipment chosen to outfit the vehicle. At 911 Outfitters, LLC. we pride ourselves on ensuring that we custom tailor your package to meet your exact needs and specifications to help keep your personnel safe and make it easier for them to do their jobs.

Customer satisfaction continues to be the key to our growth and success. From the customer service representatives who personally answer each phone call to the shipping room clerks who package each order, every 911 Outfitters, LLC. employee pays close attention to you and your needs.
Through the efforts of these dedicated employees, 911 Outfitters, LLC. has maintained a reputation for on-time delivery and competitive pricing for decades. Every item we sell is backed by a NO HASSLE Warranty - it's our way of showing how important you are to us. 

Call today with your RFQ or your questions, let us go to work for you. Let us show you what 911 Outfitters, LLC. can do for you. Contact us today.

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