TRI-Blaster 3 Watt LED Light Bar


Detailed Product Description:
  • User Selected Changing Color LEDs
  • 3 Watt LEDs
  • Light Sources: LED
  • Lens Color: Blue/Red/Amber or mix color are all available 
  • Warranty: 5 year

Product details

  1. LED Light can change different color by the control
  2. Low power consumption,
  3. The Lense of LED lightbar is made from high quality polycarbonate material with high rigidity and strong impact force.
  4. The surface of the dome have been plated with protective coating.
  5.  It is weather-proof, which means the superior sealed function.
  6. The working temperature can be -45°C to 50°C.
  7. Reliable control panel, with switches to control light bar
  8. Available in silver or black shell, more shells coming soon!!

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  • Model: TRI-B

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