With the same basic design and features as the DVM-100, the DVM-400 remains budget-friendly while granting greater camera capabilities. The integrated camera is replaced by an external 10x optical zoom forward facing camera to provide zoom and greater positioning control. The DVM-400 also adds an additional external camera that may be mounted in the backseat (to record suspects after they have been placed in the vehicle) or elsewhere.

Digital Ally’s Digital In-Car Video Systems incorporate technology that is so advanced and so small that the entire digital video system is integrated into a rear-view mirror, keeping it easy to access without occupying unnecessary space. Simply remove the factory mirror in any vehicle and install the Digital Ally DVM-400 in-car video system. The video monitor is located behind a high quality “one-way” mirror so that when it’s not in use, it’s invisible.

The DVM-400 In-Car Video Camera Features:

  • Compact Design That is Easy to Install & Simple to Operate
  • Integrated 3.5" Color Monitor - Invisible When Not In Use
  • External Front Facing 10X Zoom Camera
  • External Rear-Seat Infrared Low Light Camera
  • Records Video & Audio or Still-Images as well as Data
  • Saves Metadata with Both Video & Pictures (Date/Time, Marked Events, User, Event &/or Incident ID, Age, Ethnicity, & More)
  • Records to Solid State: the most durable and reliable memory
  • 16GB of Internal Memory
  • External SD Card (up to 32GB available)
  • Redundant Secure Recording: record on internal solid state memory and SD card simultaneously
  • Secure Media Access Door
  • Pre-Event Recording & Auto-Record Trigger
  • Mark Button to Tag Important Events
  • 2.4GHz Wireless Mic
  • Internal Battery Backup
  • LED Status Indicators
  • Software Upgradeable
  • Powerful Back Office Software Options

User-friendly menus allow secure login, image & video playback, detailed event metadata entry and more:

Password entry and optional detailed metadata screens

  • Model: DVM400

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