Phazzer Rubber Ball Cartridge 30' Black blast doors

PhaZZer Rubber Ball Cartridges are compatible ammunition rounds with both the Phazzer Dragon and Enforcer CEW.  It can be accurately fired to a maximum distance of 30 feet; temporarily distracting or subduing the target without penetrating .

Caliber: 0.68 inch (17.3mm), Type of ball: Rubber Bullet

 Rubber Bullet travels at 155 f/s. Rubbet bullets are intended to cause pain to help subdue an assailant and not cause any type of permanent damage

All PhaZZer ammunition cartridges are compatible with certain Taser® brands; specifically the Taser X26® and Taser M26® (ECDs) electronic control devices.

PhaZZer offers a full five year replacement warranty from the date of production on all ammunition cartridges in the case it is defective for any reason. The production date is identified in the serial number located on the bottom of each cartridge. PhaZZer suggests that potential customers check with country, state, and local laws pertaining to possession and usage of CEWs.

Min order 2pcs.

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