LED Dash / Deck F61-1


No emergency vehicle should be without the 911 12 LED Deck Light, top of the line in dash and deck lights. Housed in a lightweight casing of heavy-grade aluminum, this unit is a tough, serviceable bank of twelve 1-watt LED lights throwing out a bright, nine-watt beam.

The 911 12 LED Deck Light comes with either linear or Total Internal Reflection (TIR) optics, either of which will deliver maximum brightness with the greatest possible energy efficiency. It is this ability to generate a clear, brilliant light with relatively low power expenditure that makes LED units the cost-effective choice for police lights and emergency vehicle lights. LED elements are rugged, water-resistant and require almost no maintenance.

This unit is offered in multiple color combinations. There are 19 flashing pattern sequences available with a pattern memory, making these versatile dash lights suitable for the needs of any emergency situation. There is a cigarette lighter plug attached to the unit, something that often comes in handy. Mounting is done with an L mount.

For situations where strobe lights or warning lights are needed, the 911 12 LED Deck Light is an excellent choice because of the long-range visibility of LED light even under foggy conditions. Whatever the emergency, this solid little unit is ready to do the job. Dash lights are more than just identification and warning lights. They can fill a vital signaling function when other means of communication are down, letting search and rescue personnel where to go in chaotic conditions. With their features and durability, these dash lights can provide that crucial link.

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  • Model: F61-1

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