C4-6 Reflex Traffic Advisor LED Light

When you need to illuminate the deck of your police cruiser or POV with a bright emergency vehicle light that will help you get traffic to move exactly where you need it too, check out our C4-6 Reflex Traffic Advisor LED light. This amazing LED light features six C4 light heads that will deliver amazing light output. In addition to reflex technology, every bulb in the C4-6 traffic advisor is a Generation III watt bulb, which means buyers can get three times the light output available in lights that feature one-watt bulbs. Need to know more about the C4-6? Keep reading below.


Our LED Traffic Advisor comes with Six, C-4 Light Heads

The C4-6 Reflex LED Traffic Advisor is a great addition to any emergency vehicle in operation today. Thanks to 3-watt LED bulbs and a unique internal reflector lens, this traffic advisor will make its presence on the road known.

Flash Patterns and Pre-Programmed Flash Pattern Memory are Included

Since first responders and emergency vehicle drivers do not know what each shift will bring, they need equipment they can count on. Thankfully, the C4-6 has 26 different flash patterns and flash pattern memory as well. Additionally, this traffic advisor is available in several popular split and solid color combinations including red, blue, amber/yellow, white, and green.

Six C-4 Light Heads Use Twenty-Four 3-Watt Generation III LED Light Bulbs

Six separate light heads have four 3-watt generation III LED light bulbs each. All of this bright light is packed into a 27-inch long advisor that is only one-inch thick, so it will not take up much room in a cruiser, car, truck, or van.

Black Aluminum Housing Provides an Attractive, Waterproof Casing

To ensure this traffic advisor looks good and is safe to use as well, a black aluminum housing holds this light together. With the addition of LED lights, buyers can rest assured that this light will shine bright every time it is activated and last up to 100,000 hours as well.

Traffic Advisor will Arrive Install Ready

Need a traffic advisor quickly? No, problem, the C4-6 will come install ready. In fact, buyers can unpack the box and begin the installation process immediately. This unique traffic advisor is also easy to maintain thanks to its LED technology. Additionally, this light meets SAE safety standards, so buyers can install and rest easy that the equipment will perform properly.


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  • Model: 12
  • Manufactured by: 911

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