C4-8 Reflex Traffic Advisor LED Light

When you need to ensure your first responder, emergency responder, or utility truck will be seen on the road, you need a unique emergency vehicle light that will deliver amazingly bright light output. Thankfully, you can find exactly this in our LED emergency light inventory. In fact, drivers who choose the C4-8 Reflex Traffic Advisor LED light will access bright LED light that shines through a reflective lens. This process ensures drivers will be seen on the road. To make this emergency lighting even more enticing, buyers can choose from a variety of popular solid/split color combinations and everything needed for immediate installation is included with purchase. Want to learn more about this LED traffic advisor? Check out the product specs and description below.


A Unique, Internal Reflective Lens is Featured in Our C4-8 LED Traffic Advisor

The C4-8 Reflex Traffic Advisor LED Light is a great addition to any emergency vehicle or first responder vehicle’s existing lighting equipment. This light is ideal because it features 3-watt generation III LEDs. Better yet, an internal reflector lens makes this light extremely reflective and almost impossible to miss on the road.

Impressively Thirty-Two 3-Watt LEDs are Packed into Eight C4 Light Heads

The C4-8 has eight separate light heads that deliver maximum light output. At three feet long, this one-inch thick traffic advisor will fit easily into any cruiser, car, truck, SUV, or van. As a bonus, drivers can choose between 26 different light patterns and can enjoy flash pattern memory as well.

Popular Color Choices Make the C4-8 LED Traffic Advisor Great for any Job

Whether drivers want split or solid color combinations, they can get exactly what they need with the C4-8. In fact, all popular emergency vehicle and non-emergency vehicle color choices are available including red, blue, white, green, and yellow/amber.

Mounting Equipment is Included with Purchase

To ensure this traffic advisor is ready to install as soon as it arrives at your front door, this traffic advisor comes with all the equipment needed to install immediately. Additionally, the light meets and exceeds all SAE safety standards.

LED Technology and Aluminum Housing Make this Traffic Advisor Nearly Indestructible

Looking for an extremely durable traffic advisor? You found it. A black, aluminum housing provides this light with waterproof protection, even in extreme weather. Additionally, the use of LED lights ensures this traffic advisor shines bright, won’t shake loose, and will last a very long time.


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  • Model: C4-8
  • Manufactured by: 911

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