204 Surface Mount LED Light

204 Surface Mount LED Light

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The 911 TIR4 is a surface mount light head containing four one-watt LED lights in with a surface mount casing. With a selection of 19 flashing pattern sequences and pattern memory, it is a versatile piece of equipment with many field applications. It is this versatility and solid construction that make it a workhorse among emergency vehicle lights.

In the field there are many jobs requiring a good surface-mounted light, and they don't all need a big floodlight. Smaller lights have numerous applications as strobe lights, warning lights and general police lights. The units that put out three or four watts probably get more use than any other emergency vehicle lights, so they need to be designed and manufactured according to uncompromising standards of quality.

The 911 TIR4 has a heavy aluminum case that can take plenty of knocks and impacts. Since LED lights do not use fragile filaments, they are much more shock-resistant than old-fashioned incandescent lights. With an LED Warranty of 5 years, the 911 TIR4 will give the kind of performance required with almost no maintenance. It can be linked in groups up to 19 units for synchronized warning flashing.

With warranties of five years on the bulbs and two years on the components, the 911 TIR4 is a good investment for the future.



  1. Product Specs:
    • Power: 12V~24V
    • Amperage Draw: .45 Amps
    • # of LED's in Unit: 4
    • Wattage of each LED: 1 Watt
    • Total Wattage Output from unit: 4 Watts
    • Optics: TIR
    • # of Flash Patterns: 19
    • Pattern Memory: Yes
    • Syncable: Yes (up to 19 Units)
    • Cigarette Lighter Plug: No
    • Housing: Heavy Grade Aluminum
    • Brackets included: Surface Mount
    • Cable Length:
    • Lifespan: 100,000
    • Warranty: 5yr Bulbs, 2yr component



  • Model: F204TIR
  • Shipping Weight: 3lbs
  • Manufactured by: 911

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